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Earning money from your good credit is very easy and safe with our program. You have spent all this time building up a good credit rating now is the time to sit back and collect money because of your good credit. This program is 100% risk free and is free to join!

How We Work – We basically are a financial matchmaker. There are thousands of people each and every month looking for ways to improve their credit scores. The fastest way to improve a score is to add them as an authorized user on a credit card that has a very good history. This tactic is called “piggybacking”. As a good credit card holder we match you up with the people looking to improve their credit.

Why we offer it – When you add someone as an authorized user to your credit card they get the score benefits of that account including all the benefits that go with the age, limit, balance, and payment history. The best part however, is that the user NEVER gets any of your information not do they ever get access to your credit card. This extremely high level of safety allows everyone with good credit to get involved at no risk.

How You Earn Extra Money – If you qualify and join our program you will get monthly payments based on the number of people you add to your credit card(s) The more people added the more you make. The amount you earn varies based on each specific card.


100% Risk Free For Cardholder’s


  • This program is 100% risk free
  • your identity and credit card information is kept completely confidential
  • The authorized user will never see your account information or have the ability to call your card company to make changes
  • The user’s credit report will not show enough details to put any of your information at risk
  • Call us today to see how much you can earn with your credit card

Learn How To Earn Extra Money Using Your Good Credit History

How much can I make with my good credit?

A cardholder can earn $75 – $350 for each person that is added to your credit card. Most cards allow you to add 3-8 people which means you can make up to $2,800 PER CARD. The payment depends on the credit limit, age, and payment history of the individual card. The more cards, the higher limits, and the older the cards the more money you can make. We even had one cardholder make $85,000 in one year.

How do I qualify to become a provider?
  • You must have at least one credit card with perfect payment history
  • credit card must be at least one year old
  • you must maintain a balance of less than 12% of your credit card limit
  • You must be able to add an authorized user within 48 hours of our email notification
What credit cards qualify?
  • Citibank
  • USA
  • Bank Of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Barclays
  • Federal Credit Unions
  • Wells Fargo