AU Accounts – FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tradeline?
What is an authorized user account?
What is piggybacking?
How does an authorized user account work?
Do these authorized user tradelines work?
What’s the difference between authorized user and primary user accounts?
What is an aged tradeline?
What is a seasoned tradeline?
How are the prices of an authorized user developed?
Why are the prices of authorized users so different?
How do I choose which authorized user tradeline to use?
Authorized user tradelines for sale, are these accounts I can buy?
Do all authorized user tradelines show up on credit reports?
What information do you need in order to be added as an authorized user?
How does an authorized user impact my credit score?
Which credit score is impacted by an authorized user tradeline?
What can cause an authorized user tradeline to not post?
Can I get an authorized tradeline to report on my report longer?
How long does it take for my credit to improve?
How does FICO08 Affect authorized user accounts?
Can I add an authorized user account on a CPN Number?
How do lenders view authorized user tradelines added to me report?
What happens if the lender finds out I purchased an authorized user?
How long will the authorized user account remain on my credit report?
Is adding an authorized user account legal?
How many Authorized User accounts do I need?
What credit bureaus will the Authorized User account post to?
Where do these authorized user accounts come from?
What happens if the person I’m an authorized user account on makes a late payment?
Does an authorized user have to use the card to build credit history?
Is an authorized user responsible for payments on the account?
How old do you have to be in order to be added as an authorized user account?
Can I remove myself as an authorized user once I’ve been added?
My lender said I need to have 3 tradelines, will adding three authorized users meet this requirement?
Should I buy a tradeline from someone on craigslist?
How do I know if a tradeline company is legit?
How do I determine the best company offering tradelines?
What is CROA and how are authorized user tradelines affected by it?
Is a tradeline company subject to the credit repair organizations act CROA?
Should I work with a company that violates CROA?
How do I know if a company is violating CROA?