How do I choose which authorized user tradeline to use?

How do I choose which authorized user tradeline to use?

FAQ -How do I choose which authorized user tradeline to use

Since authorized user tradelines are designed to provide fast and efficient boosts to credit seekers looking to save potentially thousands of dollars in interest on homes or cars the choice is proportional to the desired credit increase.

If someone needs only 20-30 points to qualify for a loan they might be choosing differently than those needing 50 or more points.

Many potential home buyers are willing to invest more to get the maximum lift possible to qualify for the very best interest rates and terms which they lock in for many years.

Most experts feel the highest and best theory of operation is a model for authorized tradeline selection.

Potential buyers should purchase the highest level of potential improvement within their budget and expect the best level of results.

When boosts come in over 100 points compared to 20 the rates for new credit are significantly different. Key factors to understand are:

* Choosing more up front cost will often be absorbed by back-end results.

* Every consumer has different credit needs and no client is the same.

* Often the ratio of money spent vs. interest saved from credit rising is only a small percent.

* Each purchaser has a budget which is unique to their individual circumstances.