How Does an Authorized User Account Work?


Authorized user accounts work because credit bureaus report the accounts holders entire card history to the credit report of the card holder and to the credit report of the authorized user even if the authorized user has only been on the account for a few days. The reason accounts are being reported is because of Fair Isaac Company, better known as FICO has interpreted a part of the law about equal credit opportunity act to mean that the person who is the authorized user on an account must be given credit for the account history.

These accounts typically  rented by brokers offer monthly income payments to individuals who have an outstanding credit history. The length of the credit card file history, as well as the top limit vs. balances, maintained over time are factors which create the strength of each account. Some specific companies are recognized as better reporting sources for authorized user accounts as opposed to others. The individual card with the excellent credit history is then purchased/rented by consumers who want to receive the benefit of the tradeline reporting the excellent credit on their credit files. They do this to help them establish better loan products at more attractive rates and flexible terms. Key factors to understand are:

  • It is a method of purchasing highly rated credit of others to improve an individual’s credit.
  • Information reported may be restricted by time limits by card companies.
  • Improvement in scores are proportional to tradeline account and dozens of other factors.
  • There is a limit to how many authorized users are allowed to each card issuing company.