How does an authorized user impact my credit score?

FAQ -How does an authorized user impact my credit score

The fact that an authorized user is added to an account does not appear on the primary card holder’s tradeline with the bureaus.

It makes no difference to the bank whether authorized users are added or not.

The institutions will just report the credit payment history of the primary on their credit file and decide based on their specific guidelines whether or not to report authorized user tradelines.

Since many businesses take advantage of the authorized user option limits are typically high as to the number of them which may be added.

Key factors to understand are:

* The primary card holder credit file does not reflect the existence of authorized users.

* Authorized user tradelines are reported separately to the Bureaus based on policy.

* Many businesses use the authorized user to add employees to their accounts.

* To the credit issuing bank an authorized user is only viewed as an addition to reporting.