How long does it take for my credit to improve?

FAQ -How long does it take for my credit to improve

As soon as the information is sent to the bureaus, an authorized user tradeline will impact the files the moment they are updated.

The time typically takes 30-45 days to appear on the reporting agencies, and the result is very fast. With authorized user tradelines being recognized as one of the fastest ways to repair credit it may also be implemented as the first step in a long-term plan.

Most credit needs for authorized user tradelines seem to come from the home mortgage and auto loan segment.

Potential home buyers realize the most significant advantage of a fast and sharp upward move in the credit score.

Key factors to understand are:

* Once the information is updated on the bureau the score boost is immediate.

* Customers needing a fast move upward of FICO scores for loans are top users.

* Processing time will often depend on reporting efficiency and guidelines of card issuers.