How many Authorized User accounts do I need?

How many Authorized User accounts do I need?

FAQ -How many Authorized User accounts do I need

Authorized user accounts are best blended with other primary accounts for maximum credit scoring results. Many credit specialists consider two primary accounts or more for every authorized user account a healthy mix.

An overabundance of authorized user accounts can take away from the effect of having the appropriate number to receive the best potential lift in the credit rating.

Experts who handle the process of brokering authorized tradelines can be excellent sources of information on the subject and the complete process of credit repair.

There may be other factors based on the type of credit accounts individuals have open and reporting which may also require guidance with the addition of authorized user accounts.

Key factors to understand are:

* More is not necessarily better for authorized user tradelines.

* A blend of different types of accounts help build higher credit scores.

* Qualified experts who are recognized for their expertise with authorized tradelines may offer guidance based on individual credit.