Is adding an authorized user account legal?

Is adding an authorized user account legal?

FAQ -Is adding authorized user accounts legal

Adding an authorized user is legal and is explained in most paperwork which comes with primary card holders.

If the person added to an authorized user account is acutely aware that they are being added to an account there are no laws or rules against the process.

The process itself if an option available to virtually all primary credit card holders and has often been used for children relatives and friends.

In addition to families utilizing the authorized user feature, many business owners use the same feature to add employees as authorized users on millions of accounts throughout the country.

The only guidelines and restrictions which apply to adding authorized users come in the form of age and identification requirements by the card issuers.

Key factors to understand are:

* There are no laws which prohibit the purchase of authorized user tradelines.

* Credit repair attempts are not potential criminal activities.

* It is a common practice which is recognized and accepted in the credit industry.