Is an authorized user responsible for payments on the account?

FAQ -Is an authorized user responsible for payments on the account

Authorized users are not responsible for payment of credit card accounts. By adding an authorized user, a primary cardholder is taking responsibility for any charges made by the new user.

An authorized user does not necessarily require that they have charging privileges or are even issued an additional card.

Authorizing users accounts have no bearing on the primary account tradeline, and the payment history will be reflected as if there were either a single card or several, it makes no difference.

The full weight of credit falls on the shoulders of the primary cardholder regardless of how many authorized users are issued credit cards.

Since the primary has to add others using card company procedures they are unable to avoid charges made by those which they have additional charging power.

Key factors to understand are:

* Primary Cardholders are responsible for all charges made to their card account.

* Authorized users may not even be issued cards for charging privileges.

* One tradeline reflects all charges and payment history for each card and it is the primary. Authorized user tradelines are copies of primary payment records.