Should I work with a company that violates CROA?

Should I work with a company that violates CROA?

FAQ -Should I work with a company that violates CROA

If a company openly breaks the rules which are designed to protect consumers from predatory practices, that means they exhibit contempt for the rules or the system which enforces them.

When a company openly demonstrates a set of guidelines and procedures which are punishable by law and subject to criminal and civil damages it might not be considered best practices to retain their services or conduct any business with them.

If they are under investigation or in the process of being indicted any fees paid for services may have little to no chance of being recouped.

If companies have been in violation over a period, there may be a host of customers currently in line waiting to enforce legally refunds of monies paid and potential damages.

By hiring companies who are breaking the rules, it is nothing more than getting in line behind a group of people waiting to be paid.

When the money runs out, and it usually does as a result of fines, court, and attorney costs, consumers may wonder why they chose to deal with potential criminals, to begin with.

Key factors to understand are:

* If companies exhibit no respect for laws governing their industry why would they choose to be customer service responsible?

* When hiring a company with high risk for past damages and penalties being imposed it is like taking a place in line if they do not produce instant results.

* If laws are being openly broken who is to say the products or services offered were obtained by legal means?