What can cause an authorized user tradeline to not post?

What can cause an authorized user tradeline to not post?

FAQ -What can cause an authorized user tradeline to not post

Items which are published to the credit bureaus are based on guidelines established by issuing bank card companies.

If there is a policy limiting the reporting of information concerning authorized user tradelines, then the institutions will not report them.

If issuing banks suspect any unusual activity concerning authorized tradelines, they may simply stop publishing them, limit the length of time they are reported or report them to only one or two of the credit bureaus.

The issuers of credit determine all credit reporting and although there are many fair credit laws in place, the interpretation of those rules is often left up to the court systems.

Primary cardholders may call and ask that the information is posted appropriately based upon the excellent credit they have established, and this works in many cases.

The card holders with stellar credit are a valuable commodity to institutions which may have had their accounts for many years and they will often listen carefully to requests of valued clients as opposed to losing them.

Key factors to understand are:

* Reporting authorized tradelines to the credit bureaus is controlled by the individual issuers.

* Strength of the primary account holder through long standing excellent credit is powerful.

* Rules and regulations are always changing for large banks to create more profits.

* Governing laws and statutes about fair credit reporting are subject to interpretation.