What credit bureaus will the Authorized User account post to?

What credit bureaus will the Authorized User account post to?

FAQ -What credit bureaus will the Authorized User account post to

Individual banks control which of the credit bureaus authorized user tradelines are posted to and the length of time they are reported.

Each corporation has particular guidelines and regulations based on company policy which dictate the best practices within their operating structure.

Some banks will post tradelines for years to all bureaus, and others will select bureaus and report for only a short period.

There is no guarantee that the three major bureaus, Transunion, Equifax and Experian will all be used for posting.

Different lenders pull credit from different credit bureaus based on their standards and guidelines as well.

Many companies may pull from a particular bureau which has a much higher credit score and accept an application from a client.

The same customer may be turned down due to information variances on another bureau while applying for credit.

Following the information on all of the credit bureaus has become a common practice in today’s society.

Key factors to understand are:

* Individual banks have rules and regulations which govern their credit reporting routines for authorized user tradelines.

* One to three major bureaus may post the authorized tradelines based on card issuer posting.

* Experts who broker in authorized tradelines are familiar with many companies reporting habits.

* Monitoring all of the credit bureau reporting is a common practice of consumers today.