What happens if the person I’m an authorized user account on makes a late payment?

What happens if the person I’m an authorized user account on makes a late payment?

FAQ -What happens if the person I'm an authorized user account on makes a late payment

If a primary card user makes a late payment, it will show up on authorized user reported tradelines until they are removed.

Authorized users rely on the history of individuals who have paid credit cards on time, maintained low balances and established themselves as the highest caliber client in the credit industry.

Most authorized user accounts which are handled by brokers demonstrate several years of payment consistency.

If primary card holders receive income by renting their excellent credit history, then it is in their best interest to only continue with the habits of proper payment they have demonstrated.

Authorized user tradelines are used for short-term credit boosts. In most cases, they are only reported for a limited time by card issuers.

The card issuer has an obligation to report accurate information to the credit bureaus, and authorized tradelines are no exception.

One advantage of authorized tradelines is that many companies will limit reporting and sometimes eliminate usually posting within a relatively short period.

Key factors to understand are:

* Authorized user tradelines are reported as an exact payment match of primary tradelines.

* The length of time and consistency which authorized user tradelines are reported by the card issuer.

* Many authorized tradelines will not be reported for long periods of time regardless of information.

* Experts in brokering tradelines select authorized user lines which have established the longest and best-demonstrated payment history.