What is a seasoned tradeline?

What is a seasoned tradeline?

FAQ -What is a seasoned tradeline

A seasoned tradeline is one which has been paid over a minimum of 12 months with a perfect payment record.

Most experts prefer several years to illustrate an excellent pattern of payment habits and small charged amounts vs. limits.

A credit card company which reports several years of on time payments with no poor utilization of credit concerning high balances will serve as a much more significant source of higher credit ratings at the bureaus for both primary and authorized users.

Seasoned tradelines are associated with credit card institutions which are considered higher and best sources for achieving the maximum results for credit repair needs.

Some exceptionally rated older tradelines may have significantly better results for credit repair than others.

Key factors to understand are:

* Seasoned tradelines represent a proven and best source of long reported credit usage.

* Seasoned tradelines are usually accepted as the best means for credit repair utilization.

* Seasoned tradelines are the most highly sought after segment of the authorized tradeline industry.