What’s the difference between authorized user and primary user accounts?

FAQ -What's the difference between authorized user and primary user accounts

The primary user is the person who applies directly to the credit card companies. In other words the owner of the credit.

The credit reporting for primary users will always be considered as a stronger source to measure individuals by credit bureau standards.

Authorized users are recognized by the information which is reported to the credit bureaus by card companies but may be subject to restrictions as to how the reporting is done and length of time and history reported.

The primary user reporting file will contain all history from the institutions reporting payment history, and it will more heavily be weighted as a source for scoring and determining credit decisions for those applying directly for credit.

Key factors to understand are:

* Primary users are considered to be the owners of credit, and their tradelines carry more weight.

* Authorized user tradeline reporting may have limitations with respect to time and card issuing company.

* Each tradeline may be recognized differently by institutions with which credit sought.

* Primary cardholders are limited to the total number of authorized users available per card.