Where do these authorized user accounts come from?

Where do these authorized user accounts come from?

FAQ -Where do these authorized user accounts come from

Authorized user tradelines originate from the brokers who can contract primary card holders. Primary cardholders with exceptional credit can utilize their credit to provide extra income by renting it.

When people needing to boost their credit purchase an authorized tradeline, several years of excellent credit history may be added to their file with the bureaus.

The long history of reporting combined with low usage compared to limits will typically bolster a file. It has been a common practice for many years to add authorized users to accounts for children who need to establish credit for themselves.

Spouse’s with great credit can also utilize the authorized user feature to help improve their partner’s score. Credit repair specialists have been using authorized tradelines to help rebuild their client’s files with the bureaus for several years.

Key factors to understand are:

* Authorized tradelines have been used for many years and varying purposed.

* Expert authorized user brokers to provide the tradelines to those needing credit boosts.

* The tradelines best case scenario is an exact reflection of outstanding payment history.

* Bureaus report these tradelines according to their individual policies.