Which credit score is impacted by an authorized user tradeline?

FAQ -Which credit score is impacted by an authorized user tradeline

Authorized user tradelines effect the Vantage Score 3 and the FICO score versions released up to and including the latest version 8.

Vantage Score 3 takes into consideration only positively paid Authorized user accounts for rating. The FICO version of the consumer credit scoring system evaluates both positive and negative information.

With the release of version 8, FICO puts more emphasis on high utilization of credit compared to overall limit than previous versions.

Key factors to understand are:

* FICO 8 recognizes positive and negative remarks on authorized user tradelines.

* Vantage Score 3 evaluates only positively reported authorized user tradelines.

* Version 8 of FICO is more sensitive to credit usage vs. limit than any previous version.

* All data reporting of authorized tradelines are regulated by the card issuing bank.