Why are the prices of authorized users so different?

Why are the prices of authorized users so different?

FAQ -Why are the prices of authorized users so different

Authorized user tradelines are comparable to appliances or any other item which has available features, options, and reputability associated with brand names.

Individual bank cards are noted to be consistent in their reporting to all of the bureaus, and those will be a factor in determining the cost.

A length of time which spans several years of history being reported is associated with more boost for the credit-seeking purchaser.

Branding is another factor which comes into play when assessing potential value for authorized user tradelines. As with any industry, certain brand names are more commonly recognized as more reputable compared to others.

The ultimate test of any credit report is how it fares when viewed by the potential lender of the credit file being built.

Individual institutions recognize and validate practices and procedures of competitors and use them to evaluate the reported history.

If a credit line is $2,000 vs. $50,000, there is a significant difference in potential value. Two years of reported tradelines vs. ten-year-old ones are proportional in possible impact.

Key Factor to understand are:

* Prices are proportional to assessed value based upon a significant number of variables.

* Prices of longer and established authorized tradelines will normally be higher.

* Prices of tradelines from consistently reporting card companies will be more expensive.

* Prices from the most desirable brands of institutions will carry more costs.