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We help you determine what tradeline, if any, is right for you based on your specific situation.


We make sure that all of our tradelines post properly to everyone’s credit report in the time frame required for you to meet your goals

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1.) We talk about your needs

Not all tradelines are considered equal. We like discuss your specific needs in order to make sure that when you order a tradeline it will actually help you achieve what you want. We do not want to sell you a tradeline if the addition of the tradeline to your credit report will not allow you to meet your goals.

2.) We determine what tradelines fit your scenario

We have the largest inventory of authorized user tradelines in the industry, we know exactly what will report and when. Due to our inventory we have the flexibility to meet your specific needs. ie. need a higher score? we offer older and larger tradelines. need it posted fast? some of our tradelines will report in a few days.

3.) You get a list of tradelines that best match your needs

Most companies just want to sell you the most expensive tradeline available without giving consideration to your specific needs. let us use our exhaustive inventory and years of experience to help you pick the right tradeline for your specific needs.

4.) We gather the information we need to post the tradeline ASAP.

Once you decide on the best option for you, we then quickly gather the needed information and get you added so your tradeline can post to your credit report on time without delay.

Information About Authorized User Accounts

Thank you for visiting AuthorizedUserTradelines.com, We are the premier authorized user tradeline resource in the country. For over 10 years we have been matching people who have excellent reporting credit cards with people who need a boost to their credit score. The entire process is usually complete in less than 30 days and can be done sooner depending on tradeline availability.

Adding a tradeline is a simple 13 step process…

  1. Develop an inventory of authorized user tradelines that report on a consistent basis
  2. Test Entire inventory at least once per month to ensure reporting amounts and dates are consistant
  3. Find users that need a tradeline reported to their credit report
  4. Discuss with the user their specific needs to make sure an AU account will actually help
  5. If helpful determine client needs with regard to posting dates, limits, and score increases needed
  6. Plug information into our matching algorithm to develop list of appropriate accounts
  7. Verify with owner of all appropriate accounts that all info is the same (ie. balance, limit, payment history, etc)
  8. Present list to user
  9. Work with user to pick the best account and reserve the account with the owner
  10. gather needed information and payment from the user
  11. Submit information including deadlines to owner of account so user can be added quickly
  12. Review users credit report within 3 days of expected reporting date to verify account has properly reported
  13. After proper reporting release funds to owner of account.